About Us:

Happy Whiskers Animal Assistance, Inc. is a small 501c3 non-profit rescue. Our goal is to help the companion animal population of Jefferson County and its citizens.

Who We Are:

Sara, Director and Founder
Jess, Asst. Director
Molly, Treasurer
Pat, Secretary

Christina, Board Member and Volunteer
Allan, Board Member and Volunteer
Debra, Board Member and Volunteer


To provide assistance, rescue, re-homing and foster care for companion animals in public animal shelters or from substandard living conditions with private citizens. To promote and educate the public regarding animal welfare topics with emphasis on preventative veterinary care and utilizing spay/neuter to manage current companion animal populations and control future populations.

Why we do what we do:

This question is a complex one. In a nutshell; because we love animals. More specifically; because we live in a society that treats animals as if they were disposable.

Happy Whiskers works hand-in-hand with Jefferson County Animal Control and every day we are reminded of the plight of companion animals in Jefferson County. Yes, plenty of owners take wonderful care of their dogs and cats, and for those owners we are eternally grateful. We love responsible pet owners! But for countless others their luck isn’t so good.

Visit our Success Stories page to see companion animals that we have helped over the past years, some of which were before we became incorporated as Happy Whiskers. Many of these were shelter dogs. We helped pay for vet care for these dogs, provided foster homes and successfully moved them into rescue or new adoptive homes. We will warn you that this is reality; none of these photos have been touched up or censored in any way and some require a strong stomach.